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Finding your perfect property
The first step is to find your property. Please click on lettings above. Then you need to provide us with some information about yourself and the property you wish to rent. Also if you contact us with your needs we can search our database to see which properties are suitable for you.

We can arrange viewings at a time and day which suits you. We can even arrange a viewing for the evening or at weekends. During the viewing you will be accompanied by a member of staff who will provide you with vital information about the property and answer any questions you have.

When you select a property to rent from our portfolio we normally ask for a holding deposit of £200 or the equivalent sum of our administration fee. This is required for us to withdraw the property from all advertisements on the market including our office window and website. Before the start date of the tenancy we require 1 month’s rent, a security deposit (min. 1 month’s rent) and our administration fees. After all of this has been completed we will proceed with the tenancy.

Firstly you will need to complete our tenancy application form, which will give us your previous address, previous landlord (if applicable), employment details, bank or building society details. We need this information so that we can approach our referencing agency, MARAS, whom will provide us with references about you. If you are approved your holding deposit will be deducted from the balance due before the move in date.

However if you decide not to proceed with the tenancy for any reason or fail to meet our referencing criteria then your holding deposit will be forfeited.

For student / overseas lettings a UK based guarantor is required so that we can approach them if the rent payments are not met. If a UK based guarantor cannot be found we will need the full rent payment in front. Unfortunately we only accept housing benefit tenants through the Leicester Let Scheme and the Blaby District Council.

Move in time
In regular circumstances it normally takes 3-5 working days for us to apply for and process the references. Once the references have been approved we will contact you to confirm a move in date.

The Tenancy Agreement and move in procedure
For both our and the tenants peace of mind a binding Tenancy Agreement must be signed and approved by both parties prior to moving into the property. An inventory form will be filled in by one of our staff prior to you moving in so that we know what equipment, condition and items have been handed over with the property. Therefore at the end of the tenancy we can check whether the property has been left in the same condition.

We regularly maintain and perform gas / safety checks and all meters are checked so that all bills have been paid before you move in.

Minimum Tenancy
Our minimum tenancy is 6 months as per the Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreements.

Shortening or Extending the tenancy term length
If there haven’t been any problems or disputes during your tenancy, the tenancy can be extended with out any problems at all. However, in normal circumstances the tenancy cannot be terminated early unless you find a suitable tenant for the remaining time of the tenancy. If you are unable to find a tenant you are obliged to pay the rest of the rent until the end of the term agreed.

Tenants Responsibility
All the terms are set out in the tenancy agreement which you should read carefully before signing as if any of the terms are broken a problem may occur. However, in general the tenants need to keep the property in good condition and pay rent by the due date.

The tenants are also obliged to pay all utility bills including gas, electricity, water rates, telephone, Sky / Cable, internet and TV licence bills.

Vacating the Property
The tenants are required to leave the property by the end of the term agreed leaving the property in the same state as it provided, including all furniture and white goods (if applicable). If the property is not left in satisfactory condition or if it has not been cleaned thoroughly, money will be deducted from the deposit to cover the cost.

You will get your deposit back as soon as you vacate the property and a check has been completed by one of our staff. We will also need evidence that all the last utility bills have been paid.

Administration Fee Costs
£75 per person

£100 for couples or family lets

We require an administration fee to cover the cost of reference checks, credit checks and tenancy agreements.

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